Welcome to the latest episode of Empowering Your Digital Future, where we delve into the growing threat of voice scams, also known as “vishingvishing Vishing, short for "voice phishing," is a type of social engineering attack in which scammers use telephone calls or voice messages to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive information or performing actions that benefit the attacker. The term "vishing" combines "voice" and "phishing," with the latter referring to fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information by pretending to be a trustworthy entity, usually through email or other electronic communication channels..” Join our host, James Christian, as he shares valuable tips and best practices to help you stay protected from these increasingly sophisticated scams.

In this episode, we cover: Understanding what vishing is and how it works The warning signs of a vishing attack How to verify caller identities Using advanced security technologies to enhance remote connections Stay informed and empowered as we explore these crucial topics, helping you maintain a secure digital future. Don’t miss this episode – your safety depends on it!