• Unlock the Power of RSS Feeds: Your Guide to Streamlined Content Consumption

    RSS feeds provide a streamlined way to access new content from various websites in one place. Dive into this article to understand what RSS is, how it works, and the benefits of incorporating it into your digital life.

  • Safeguarding Your Personal Data Online

    Navigating the online world requires a delicate balance between sharing and protecting information. Learn the essential steps to safeguarding your personal data, from understanding its value to employing robust security measures.

  • Why Cybersecurity Awareness Month Matters

    In an increasingly digital world, Cybersecurity Awareness Month emphasises the importance of staying safe online. Dive into the reasons behind its significance and why everyone, from tech professionals to everyday users, should participate in fostering a secure digital ecosystem.

  • The Silent Threat of Smishing: What You Need to Know

    Smishing, a blend of SMS and phishing, is a rising cyber threat targeting mobile users. Learn why it's crucial to be aware of smishing and discover three key ways to identify a smishing scam.

  • The Hidden Danger Lurking in Your Smart Bulb: Understanding IoT Vulnerabilities

    The Internet of Things (IoT) offers incredible convenience but comes with security challenges. A recent vulnerability in smart bulbs exposes the risk. Dive in to understand this issue and how to safeguard against potential IoT threats.

  • Cartoon depiction of a computer delivering a newspaper to a userCartoon depiction of a computer delivering a newspaper to a user

    Harness the power of Google Alerts: Your Personal Internet Watchdog

    Google Alerts offers a convenient way to monitor the internet for specific information and brings relevant updates directly to your inbox. This article unveils the potential of Google Alerts, demonstrating its ease of setup and diverse use cases, from personal branding to cybersecurity awareness. Dive in to unlock this tool's full potential.

  • Beware of Chrome Extensions: A Hidden Threat to Your Passwords

    Malicious Chrome extensions can steal plaintext passwords directly from websites. Find out how they operate, why they're a threat, and steps to protect yourself from such hidden dangers.

  • The Ghost Students: A New Wave of Financial Aid Fraud in California Colleges

    In a shocking revelation, 20% of all applications to California community colleges are now from "ghost students" - scammers using someone else's name to pocket the financial aid and never show up for a single class. This fraudulent activity is not just a problem because it's fraud; it also places a significant burden on underfunded community colleges and takes up slots in classes that real students are getting crowded out from. The fraudsters are focusing their efforts on Pell grants, which became a more attractive target because the federal government stopped verifying family income during the pandemic.

  • Understanding Social Engineering: A Deep Dive into the Art of Manipulation

    In the vast world of cybersecurity, there's one threat that's as old as human interaction itself - social engineering. This form of manipulation has been harnessed by some of the most notorious individuals in history, from Kevin Mitnick, the man who popularized the term, to Frank Abagnale, the inspiring figure behind the movie "Catch Me If You Can." By understanding the tactics of famous social engineers, we can better equip ourselves to identify and thwart such attempts at manipulation.

  • A cartoon of a user answering a text on their mobile phone.A cartoon of a user answering a text on their mobile phone.

    Identifying and Protecting Yourself from Fake Recruitment Scams on Messaging Platforms

    Navigate the often-misunderstood world of recruitment scams on popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram with our comprehensive guide. Learn to spot the signs of fake job offers, understand the tactics used by scammers, and discover practical tips to safeguard your personal information.